Compare Extended Warranties


There is no shortage of extended service contracts on the market. In fact, not all extended service plans offered at Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealerships are genuine Ford brand ESP. Some dealers, for reasons of their own, sell third-party extended warranties. Many independent plans appear to be similar, but in reality are quite different.

Compare the difference:

Benefit Ford ESP Third-party Contracts
Ford-Backed Yes No
Covers related damage Yes Some
One deductible per repair visit Yes Some
Covers wear and tear failures Yes Some
Requires Genuine Ford Parts Yes No
Honored at over 4500 Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealers Yes No
Benefits Of A Genuine Ford ESP

A Ford ESP gives you the assurance that your vehicle will have the protection it needs. If you need a repair, you'll have the convenience of taking your vehicle to any Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealership in the United States or Canada for service. You’ll also have the confidence that your repair is being performed by factory-trained and certified technicians using Genuine Ford parts.